Learn Hindi

A Hindi learning application that utilizes conversation and videos. Learn and practice through speech recognition powered by artificial intelligence to help you speak Hindi confidently and fluently.

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Special features

There are many similar applications, but the important thing is the quality of our product.

Conversation feature

Through conversations, you will learn a lot and may remember it for longer.

Learn through videos

A library of native language videos edited into short sentences to help you practice as if you were speaking directly.

Learn through dialogues

Each lesson is divided into short sentences, helping you easily remember and understand the structure of the sentences.

Pronunciation practice

Pronunciation is one of the most important aspects of communication, and we can help you improve it through our practice exercises.

Learning grammar

Along with pronunciation, grammar is an essential part that cannot be neglected. You need to grasp the structures of sentences.

Vocabulary Learning

Learning vocabulary will help you increase your word power and express your ideas to others more easily.

Practice lessons

Practicing will bring you many benefits such as memorizing, understanding, and mastering the content from the lessons.

Learn and Relax

This is an incredibly attractive combination, where you can listen to lessons like a favorite song, bringing both learning and relaxation at the same time.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition using AI technology, analyze and evaluate your voice compared to native speakers.

Voice recording

An important feature to help you listen to your voice again and compare those changes.


Randomly suggested topics based on current hot issues.

Learning history

Your learning progress is saved and helps you keep track of your learning journey.

Quick Practice

A method to help you reinforce and remember the knowledge you have learned more deeply.

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User guide

Refer to the simple usage instructions for the application, you can memorize it in just one time.


Choose a topic

Choose a topic that you love and that is suitable for yourself to start learning.


Choose the lesson you want to study

Select the lesson you want to study and start learning. It is recommended to choose lessons from easy to difficult.


Choose your learning method

Choose the learning method that you prefer, such as conversation, dialogue, vocabulary, grammar, etc.


Listen and remember

This is the latest upgraded feature of the application, it helps you both listen and perform different tasks.


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What do users say about the product

Genuine and objective reviews from customers who have used our product.

Product user
Office worker
"The app is really great, guys. I didn't like it before, so I deleted it. Now, I see a significant improvement. First, it has a conversation feature. Second, it has free functions. Third, it has many new features. The paid version is only for removing ads and unlocking more features, but it doesn't affect the quality of the app. Thank you for creating a really good product."
Product User
University Student
“This app is really good, the lessons are interesting and help to practice all 4 skills. The interface is beautiful and smooth. The best part is that it's free, but if you don't want ads, you can buy a very cheap package.”
Product User
Working student
"Thank you for providing such a great app. You seem to know that we always have no time for learning, so this app can solve that problem, I can study anywhere, on my phone or computer and at any time."

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